2box kit and instrument editor

DrumIt Manager


Manage and organize your 2box kits (kit bank or individual kits), copy/paste pads between kits, edit multiple kits at once with the Multi edit, create .dsnd files from .wav, edit and tune your .dsnd files, extract all samples from your .dsnd files.

For Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, Vista or XP SP2/SP3.
Compatible with NVDA and JAWS screen readers.

DrumIt Manager Documentation

Includes DKit Manager and DSound Manager

  • Open .dkit files by double clicking them in your usual file explorer
  • Open .dsnd files by double clicking them in your usual file explorer
DrumIt Manager box

A great relief to configure the 2Box Brain. Provides excellent support!
Andreas S

I can’t believe how easy it is, wicked software mate.
Paul Willard, Loopmasters

The Drumit Manager is a great tool for making any adjustments in an easy to use interface. The customer service is just unreal. He listens to your suggestions/feedback/issues and is ultra responsive making changes pretty much overnight. I would not hesitate to purchase anything from here, best service hands down. These tools are the reason i am usi...
Chris S.

As I'm getting into this, I can really see how indispensable your tools are!
Mark G

DrumIt Mgr works like charm! Very time saving and gives a good overview of your settings.

I also have SDSE and have left a testimonial about that excellent software. Top marks for the quality of the software and the excellent and prompt help.

I play in an 80's revival show and we have about 45 tunes and I have an individual kit built differently for every one of them!! I was able to apply some 'verb fx to entire kits or individual instruments in a particular kit as needed and this has given me quite a selection of the same individual instrument to choose from when building new kits!!!

DKit Manager

With DKit Manager you can Inspect, edit and make bulk modifications to your .dkit files.

DKit Manager overview

  • Inspect, edit and save the contents of a Kit or Kit Bank in .dkit format
  • Open an existing Kit Bank or start from scratch with 100 empty kits
  • Organize the order of the 100 kits from a Kit Bank using drag-n-drop
  • Import one or several single .dkit in a Kit Bank (if multiple kits are imported they will be added after the current kit)
  • Export one or several single .dkit from a Kit Bank (can be used to split all kits from a Kit Bank to single .dkit files)
  • Preview .dsnd files by double clicking on the list of available .dsnd
  • Preview .dsnd, .wav Song and .dsnd Metronome from a Kit
  • Kit: drag and drop .dsnd and .wav files from your file explorer or from the lists to the Kit and Layout views
  • Kit: edit title, .dsnd, Song and Metronome values using text input fields (missing files are displayed in red)
  • Kit: copy and Paste kits in a Kit Bank
  • Kit: clear one, several or all kits from a Kit Bank
  • Layout: display user-defined pad names with a Layout system compatible with SDSE, edit and save your layouts with DKit Manager.
  • Unit: import all Unit settings from another Kit Bank
  • Unit: copy and Paste all Unit settings between several Kit Banks
  • Unit: reset all Unit settings from a Kit Bank
  • Rename: search and Replace text in .dsnd or Kit Title or .wav Song Title for all kits or checked kits
  • Copy: copy one or several kits and their .dsnd files to individual folders (useful to move one of the stock kits to another SD card)
  • Delete: delete one or several kit and all .dsnd files unique to those kits (useful to free some space without any risk of deleting a .dsnd that is used by another kit)
  • Swap: swap all Drum values from one pad to another, for all kits or checked kits (useful to convert the stock DrumIt.dkit to your own layout or if you change your layout)
  • Check: check Kit or Kit Bank for missing .dsnd and .wav files, duplicate and long filenames, unused .dsnd files

Evaluation Version

  • Open, inspect and preview the contents of a Kit or Kit Bank in .dkit format
  • Preview .dsnd files by double clicking them in your usual file explorer
  • Check a Kit or Kit Bank
  • Edit and save the Kit Layout used by SDSE
  • Set the current Kit Layout to be used by SDSE: select a Layout to set it as the current layout before exporting a Kit or creating a .dkit file with SDSE

Organize your kits

Dkit Manager kit order
Drag and drop kits in the list.
Select one or several kits to export as single .dkit files.
Import one or several single .dkit files at the current kit position.

Drag and Drop .dsnd and .wav files

.dsnd and .wav files can be dropped from the lists on the left of DKit Manager, but also from a file explorer like Windows Explorer. If the file is not contained in a sub-folder or parent folder relative to the Kit Bank you have opened you will be able to edit settings but won't be able to preview the sound.

Missing files displayed in red

DKit Manager displays missing .dsnd and song files in red.
DKit Manager correct filenames
You can copy and paste .dsnd names between input fields (CTRL+C/CTRL+V) and even revert to the previous value (CTRL+Z).

The particular shade of red used in DKit Manager to mark missing files is the "psychological red" as defined by the Natural Color System. NCS is a proprietary perceptual color model published by the Scandinavian Colour Institute (Skandinaviska Färginstitutet AB) of Stockholm, Sweden.

Layout System

Set up your layout to match your kit. You can manage up to 4 Layouts for up to 4 DrumIt modules.

DKit Manager Layout system

When saving a Kit Bank the current layout number is saved in the .dkit file. The next time you open your Kit Bank DKit Manager will display the correct Layout.

DKit Manager Layout editor

Edit pads and pad names using the editor. The Layout system is compatible with SDSE
When you export a kit with SDSE it will create a .dkit file that matches the last Layout you have selected in DKit Manager.

DSound Manager

With DSound Manager you can create new .dsnd instruments from .wav, edit .dsnd files and make changes to existing .dsnd files.

  • Change the Max Tune
  • Limit the sample length to get smaller files
    Can also be used to remove the noise at the end of some .dsnd files
  • Add a reverb effect

DSound Manager

Browse or drag and drop one or several .dsnd files, select new settings, click Tune. The new values will be appended to the filenames.

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